Fat Soluble Viatmin


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Thyrocare Fat Soluble Package is a package of Tests that basically covers  Vitamin D Total,Vitamin D2,Vitamin D3,Vitamin A,Vitamin E,Vitamin K.

These Fat Soluble Vitamin called micro nutrient is vital for a good healthy living.

Vitamin d are essential for bone and teeth strength,any deficiency tend to affect the Overall health.

vitamin E Test : Vitamin E is a fat soluble Vitamin also an antioxidant and has an immense role in health issues.This test is done to evaluate Vitamin E  deficiency in neuro muscular diseases with chronic cholestasis and also with malignancy/malabsorption. This test is also done to investigate the brown bowel syndrome or those having gastrointestinal issues like Celiac disease.

It contains 6 Parameters.


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