Iron Deficiency Profile

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Thyrocare Iron Deficiency Package is to check any iron deficiency,it includes 3 Tests  IRON,TOTAL IRON BINDING CAPACITY [TIBC],% TRANSFERRIN SATURATION.


TIBC: A complete iron binding capability (TIBC) check is a sort of blood check that gauges whether or not there’s an excessive amount of or too little iron in your bloodstream.

Iron is a sort of mineral present in all the body’s cells. You get the iron you want by means of your eating regimen. As soon as iron enters the body, it’s carried all through your bloodstream by a protein known as transferrin, which is produced by your liver. The TIBC check evaluates how nicely transferrin carries iron by means of your blood.


Transferrin saturation, abbreviated as TSAT and measured as a proportion, is a medical laboratory value. It’s the ratio of serum iron and total iron-binding capacity. Of the transferrin that’s accessible to bind iron, this worth tells a clinician how much serum iron are literally certain.

Iron Test :

Iron Test helps to evaluate a number of condition measuring the red blood cell production and destruction,metabolism of iron,iron transportation,Iron is a mineral that is required by the body for the production of hemoglobin, energy and to maintain proper muscles and Organ function. During digestion iron is absorbed as a nutrient,when the levels of iron in the blood is too low it causes dizziness,fatigue,anemia weakness,aching legs and breath shortness, too much of iron leads to joint pain weakness,stomach ache and even fatigue



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