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Thyrocare 1+1 Offer/ Aarogyam 20Y/Wellness Thyrocare Offer Package is one of the highly discounted Offer  having a set of 72 Test…THYROID (3),IRON DEFICIENCY (3),LIVER (11),LIPID / CHOLESTEROL (8),KIDNEY (5),DIABETIC SCREEN (2),COMPLETE HEMOGRAM / CBC (28),VITAMIN (2),TOXIC ELEMENTS (9),CARDIAC RISK MARKERS (1) test.

The Complete Blood Count (CBC):This panel of test helps to give an overall view of general health and screens a broad scope of diseases and conditions.

Hematocrit :Measures red blood cells in the blood.

Hemoglobin : A protein that transports oxygen or carbon dioxide in the blood.

Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) : Screens the average volume of red blood cells in the blood.

Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (MCH) : The amount of hemoglobin per red blood cell.

Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC) : The quantity of hemoglobin concentrated in a given volume of red blood cells.

Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW) : To measure any difference of red blood cell size or volume in blood sample.

Platelet Count : Measures the amount of platelets (fragments and particles of cells) in the blood.

Red Blood Cell Count (RBC) : Red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body.Measures the amounts of red blood cells in the blood

Lipid Profile : Helps to screen the overall cholesterol levels,these are various forms of fat present in the body that are associated with increases heart related diseases.(LDL/bad cholesterol helps to cause atherosclerosis/hardening of veins which leads to plaque build-up and heart diseases.

Diabetes HBA1c : This Test is to evaluate the average blood sugar level was for a period Week/Month,so as to identify the average Plasma glucose concentration.

LFT Profile : includes several tests that screens proteins and liver enzymes to get the overall picture of liver working condition.

Toxic Element Profile: Toxic element are common to environment and are responsible for poisoning and unintentional exposure can lead to adverse health effects,this effect can be minimized through our diet,workplace,water and home.

Requirement: Minimum of 2 and above Beneficiary required to go for this Package.

No of Parameters : 72

10-12 hrs fasting is essential,


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